Trip Details

This trip is not your typical tourist vacation. Oh no.  In fact, it'll be just the opposite. 


"This trip to Paris was unlike my other ones. Liked being met at the airport by an OBG Rep and staying in an apartment. Liked OBG providing an indispensible street guide to get around Paris. Enjoyed the biggest flea market I’ve ever seen... (found the outdoor furniture I wish I could have bought), a trip to the French countryside, a visit to Mumm cellars and Champagne tasting, etc. Plus having time on my own to shop and visit places of interest. Thanks OBG for making this unique travel experience a fun way to enjoy Paris."
~Judy, OBGinParis 2011


So here's the deal...
Of course you know I plan to put my own personal Brown Girl spin on this 10 night adventure by acting as your very own concierge. You'll stay in a Paris apartment instead of a hotel; I'll provide you with several choices of things to do each day, and I'll even orient you to your local surroundings, the Paris Métro, grocery shopping, and dining before you galavant off into the Parisian sunset. Although I am not a tour guide, you will see me during your trip on a consistent basis while for some maybe once or twice after the first few days.... *Wink.*

I've decided that I will never accommodate more than 10 travelers at a time, but I can tell you this: Whether there are 2 of us or 10 of us, you will not forget your experience! Just think: If the vibe is good, you can have people over to your very own home-away-from-home for apertifs.  Isn't that...I dunno...très cool?

I will be in France when you arrive and will make arrangements to pick you up from the airport and transport you to a meeting place where we will all have a small bite, Welcome Orientation and a little conversation before I take you to your Paris flat. There won't be time for much rest so we'll hit the ground running to get you up to speed and oriented to your new neighborhood.  We'll take a Métro ride too. After that, the details are up to you. =)

 What The Trip includes:

*Roundtrip airfare
*Airport lounge access on layovers longer than 3 hours
*Trip insurance
*Paris apartment (based on double occupancy; single supplement available.)
*Airport transfers
*Arrival Orientation
*Your first book of Paris Métro tickets
*Arrival repas léger (small meal as noted above)
*1 tour 
*Minimum of two (2) pre-trip information meetings (including packing tips, money exchange, etc.) via teleconference
*Daily itinerary choices
*Me as your concierge!  =D

PLEASE NOTE:  Travelers will be responsible for their own food, transportation, luggage fees & entertainment. Kindly keep in mind that this is not a tour.  Passport required. 

So the bottom line is this...  Whether for shopping, strolling, eating or just day dreaming, you call the shots on your very own Paris adventure.

"I traveled with OneBrownGirl in Paris in November 2011.
One word describes my experience - perfect!

"This was my first trip to Paris and having OneBrownGirl as my host/concierge made the trip flawless. Arrival, exchanging currency, checking into the apartment and the initial orientation to the neighborhood and metro was seamless. My apartment was comfy and cozy and had ...all of the amenities I needed (washing machine, computer with wireless internet, and most importantly a shower with great water pressure and a never ending supply of hot water).

"As a solo traveler I enjoyed being able to explore the city at my own pace, but also appreciated the group excursions and knowing that there were other people in the group to discover new things with. It was also comforting to know that Tracey was just an e-mail or phone call away if I had questions or if anything went wrong (although nothing at all went wrong).

"The neighborhood the apartment was located in the Marais provided the perfect mix of French culture, history, shopping, dining, and the arts. My favorite memory of the trip is the people ... on their way to work, dropping their children off at school and picking them up, congregating in the parks, lingering in the cafes and restaurants. I left feeling as though I got an authentic glimpse of Paris and its people.

"Thank you OneBrownGirl in Paris for your meticulous planning and for providing me with the travel experience of a lifetime!

~Terri-ann, OBGinParis 2011